Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 20, 2014

So this week so so hot. Seriously, I have never been so hot in my whole life. I seriously dont stop sweating. So gross. And if you dont drink enough water, your head starts to hurt and you see spots everywhere. So lesson learned: drink more water!!!
K this week was holy week. It is a Catholic holiday where for one week they decide to actually live their religion and do as the catholics believe. So all week they pray to god or actually to their Santo Ninyos. They are the Saints of the cAtholic Chruch. They on friday they believe is the Death of Christ. And because that is all the focus on, all shops are closed and people stay inside to more the life of christ. They call is good friday. It blows my mind that this is the day that is so holy, everything is closed, but every Sabbath day we have, we can remember him in the same way and all shops are open. Even on Easter, everyone was out and not really going to chruch. Man, they are so lost. They need to listen to us and then they really will have something to be happy about.
So even with not a lot of success, the lord still blesses us. We have a whole family that committed to be baptized next month, a mom dad and son. They are super interested. But they jadn't come to church so we werent sure if they really would. But sure enough, yesterday the dad and the son came for all 3 hours of church. During sacrament meeting they sang the hymns and I guess the boy participated in his primary class. We are praying for this family and hoping to see a miracle. They said that they enjoyed it and want to come back to church again. AH, the lord is mindful of us. Even when things are hard. he still loves us.

the mission is great, best thing of my life!! Thanks for all your support

Love, Sister HOpkins

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 6, 2014

Sorry po,
I haven't had a whole lot of time to write a main email, but here is the scoop on the best mission in the world.
One...I am training, and talaga training is the best thing in the world! My anak( trainee, child in tagalog) is the best. She has such an amazing desire to serve and she has a very powerful testimony. Her excitement really helps me to do this work everyday. Her name is sister Taufa and she is from Tonga! She has been my second tongan companion in the mission and it has been the best thing!! Seriously I love her.
I still struggle with the language but I am getting better every day. I know that that even though I have been in the Philippines for only 3ish months, I have been greatly blessed by the lord with the language. i am able to converse with the people and teach the lessons in a simple way. I truly have been blessed.
I have learned so much already in my mission: for example, I have learned patience: my mom would be proud of that. You really have to learn that things happen on the lords time and not on our own. Sometimes it is frustrating, but we do it, because we follow Jesus Christ.
Second, I have become a student of the scriptures. Talaga if we want to know what to do in this life we should always turn to the scriptures. Like in 2Ne32:3 it says that when we "feast upon the words of christ" the words of christ will tell us all the things that we need to do, and everything that we need to know. There is GREAT power when we read everyday with faith and diligence the Book of Mormon.
Also, I learned that the mission is a fun time, and that we can still have fun while we follow the commandments. My anak and I laugh all the time as we walk to and fro appointments, or we stop to play with the little kids and just talk to people.
Man, I love the Philippines. It is sooooooo maiinit(hot) but I love it here. Everyone is soooo nice. Sometimes, even people we dont know, will say to us as we walk by "Kain ka na" which means eat now. Every one is so kind and they like to share. they are just sooo nice.
I know that the gospel is true and that this church is so true. Thank you, all of you for your loving and support!

Love, sister hopkins