Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 18, 2014

WE had two miracles this week, Joy and Jerico were baptized and confirmed. When they both stepped into that font, my eyes just filled with tears of joy and gratitude. It was such a miracle. When they bore their testimonies, they both cried with so much thanks that this is now their time to be members of Gods only church here in the earth. This is one moment in my mission that I will cherish for the rest. Now, their sister wants to be baptized too. Very very exciting.
Something funny that happened last week, my companion and I got chanced by a cow hahaha. So funny! She was so scared. She told me that the cows in tonga are so mean and chance people all the time. Then as we were leaving an appointment, we walked by a basketball court and this boy yells "Sister, this is for you!" he blows a kiss and then banks his 3 point shot. Hahahahahahaha seriously my companion and I could not stop laughing
It is super hot here in the Philippines. We are always so sweaty and sticky. Seriously, never been this hot in my life. but I love it here. .
The mission rocks. So glad I have this great chance to learn more about life and our purpose here on earth. I have learned so much about myself and more about this amazing Gospel. It all is really about love, eternal love, it never ends. Because Gods love for us never ends, we can change and become better people through the atonement. We can change into the people God wants us to be. Yes trials come, defeat may set in, we may have fear, but we must not turn away from God. He tries us to strengthen us through his soon. If you have trials, or feel so low, turn to christ. He has the love we all need and the power we cant live without.
I love you all. Thanks for your love and support!!!!