Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 29, 2014

First the happier things before what really happened this week.

We had a FHE with our investigator, Dada, at her house. She invited her friends and neighbors and even her kids invited their friends. There were 20+ people there and it was one of the most fun FHE I have ever had. WE talked about Agency and the spirit was so strong. It was just a really really happy time, that is the best way that I can explain it to you.

Our investigator Ronnie finally came to church after 5 months of being taught. PROGRESS!!!!! He really liked it. His whole family are members and so we are working on him. Hopefully he continues. He really liked the talks and that different people talk each week. He told us that when he reads that he is starting to understand more. That is because he is acting on his faith and God promises that when we do that, he will always bring things to our understanding.

We had family week or actually family day. Once a year all the stakes in the Philippines have one day just for families. They had a fun run and we ran with the primary kids. They were so fast. Then after wards they had each ward do a different cultural dance. I videoed them so ill show you those after the mish.

Shout out to my sister: Brooke. Start making a list of movies that I need to get caught up on and we will watch them when I get home.


SHONNEE!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You better email me and tell me. I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!!!!

SO now really how my week was. Brother Joseph, one of our recent converts, this man is like my dad, and his family is my family, passed away this last wednesday. I received the text from his wife right before we started a lesson and I just started to bawl. I knew it was close but I didnt know he would die so soon. We left our appointment and wen to their house. That was the longest tricycle ride of my life. IN reality it was 5 minutes but it felt like 5 hours. I got their and they were all in tears and I was too. The day before we were just their. He couldnt speak anymore but he lifted the book of mormon with his hand like he wanted to read it. We did and he kept reaching for my hand. I had no idea that would be the last time I would hold that mans hand. We had a ward service that was so nice and I just knew that it was not the end. It is hard to not have him here but I know that he is not in pain anymore and that he is so happy. He is in paradise and is waiting for next year for when his family can be sealed in the temple. I so have to come back for that. Death is a hard thing but it is also a miracle. He has been my miracle in the mission. Everything just fell in to place and I know that God had his hand in Josephs conversion. This is not the end to life, but rather a beginning to a beautiful eternity with our father in heaven. The Plan of Salvation is beautiful. Si it was so hard but at the same time it is a miracle to be able to let him go and know that we will see him again. I know he is so happy.

This week was hard but one that I really grew from. I love the mission. This church is so true. !


Family home Evening with our investigator and her family and neighbors. It was so fun and the food was sooooo good.

Fun run for family day in our stake. We ran with the Primary kids.

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 3, 2014

A lot happened but at the same time not a whole lot
WE had our baptism!!!! That was such a special thing. They were all so excited!! we went with our stake president to pick them up and they had been waiting for us outside all ready to go, it was so cute. They all looked so beautiful in White! All the kids had the biggest smiles on their faces in the font and even the dad. He actually has a seizure earlier that morning but he said he still wanted to be baptized. This man has really great faith. The service was short but so full of the spirit. The spirit was the strongest I have ever felt at a baptism. It just felt right and so peaceful and that heavenly father had so much love for this little family. We went back to teach them after their baptism and he had had like 5 seizures that day, one every 2 or 3 hours. When we got there he just grabbed my hand and told me that he wasn't afraid anymore because he had been baptized in God's true church. I just started to bawl. I love this family so much and he really feels that death is coming soon. Hopefully I can hold it together.
My new companion is Sister Napitupulu. She is from Indonesia but everyone thinks she is from the Philippines. She is 34 years old and just so nice and a really good missionary. We haven't been able to work for the pst 6 days though because she got really sick, she has an Amoeba. We spent all day Monday at the hospital and then the rest of the time at home. Our house is so ugly after 5 days stuck inside. We think she is on the down hill of it now and should be better soon.
A shout out to Tyler and Tasi. Thanks for the Package!!!! I loved it!
Last Monday was a the birthday of our "mom" in the mission. He family was the ones that got baptized. We bought her a cake and ice cream and had a pretty great time.
We had mission tour yesterday where a member of the area presidency came and spoke to us, Elder Bowen. He talked a lot about When we know who we are, we will act differently. He related that to the Abrahamic covenant and that those promises are for us, to become all that our heavenly father is and receive all that he has. SO we shouldn't sell our exaltation for a mess of pottage. All we have to do is follow God and we can have it all. So as we continue the little things we are making a way even closer to exaltation. He then ended up talking about marriage( seriously this always happens, even as missionaries) and how we cant receive all with out that sealing ordinance, so we need to be wise in that decision and he made us promise that when we went home, we would do this.


September 21, 2014

A lot of little things happened this week so I will just start in.

Joseph is really sick, he is the dad of the family we helped to be baptized last month. He has gotten really bad to the point that he can not move his whole left side of his body. And he doesn't really remember people anymore. We went there one night and as we were leaving we shook his hand. And as he shook my hand, he held on a little bit longer and looked me in the eyes. I like wanted to cry. That really was a tender mercy to let me know that he still remembers me. We had a special sacrament for his yesterday and it was so beautiful. WE had a lot of members come for support. Not only were there so many people, but there was so much love in that room and the spirit was so strong. It was simple and beautiful. Oh this church is so true. Their Son Maurice has been passing the sacrament and he is so good at it. He is 12 and every time just has the biggest smile on his face. Man, I love this family. I will come back to the Philippines just for them if I could. There are really my family here.

TYPHOON MARIO! There was another typhoon that hit but it wasn't as bad. It just rained buckets and the wind was non stop so we didn't work that whole day. We didn't feel safe so we just stayer in the house. Oh the joys of our life in the mission :)

Dada, she is one of our golden investigators and is scheduled to be baptized on Oct 18! we are so excited and she seriously is so great. One of our lessons with her this last week was about following the 10 commandments. We invited two of her neighbors who are less actives to that lesson and it was cool to see Dada's testimony of the truth spark the fire again in the eyes of these two less active sisters. The next time we saw these two less actives they were super happy to see us and they even came to church yesterday. It was so happy. One of our other lessons for Dada was about reading every day the Book of Mormon and praying everyday. At the end she told us thank you, that was what she needed to hear that day. She said that her spiritual aspect was lacking and when we came that day, she knew that those things would help her to feel better spiritually. That was all the spirit. We just felt that she needed to hear that and it was perfect.

Sunday was full of miracles. As we were walking to church, we saw so many butterflies. Every time you see a butterfly that means that there is a miracle coming. Well we saw so many of them that morning. When we got to church we saw our miracles. 200+ came to church which like never happens. we probably get around 150 every week. But the best. We have been seeing this family that is less active in the ward but they don't really come, especially the dad. THEY ALL CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!! Even the dad. It was so heart warming to see all of them sitting together in Sacrament meeting. Perfection.

I fell in love with Alma Chapter 24 this week. read it. Those men had such great faith in Christ and they were so converted that they would rather die than to take arms against their enemies. Yes they died, but from their courageous example, many more of the Lamanites were converted as well. Be that example to others, BE COURAGEOUS!

my comp is the best cook.

Happy birthday! Love this little girl

This is actually their house, very humbling


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 14, 2014

We were back to work this week. Sister Napitupulu has been 100% again and we worked so hard this week. We found 6 new investigators and almost all of them have really promising potential. She seriously has no fear and that is something that i need to learn from her. I am getting better at talking to people but sometimes I still have a little bit of fear. But that just where I need to have more faith. Faith can over come anything and everything.
Our new investigator Jessa is so great. She is the neighbor of one of our recent converts. She is 22 years old and has such great potential. The other sisters had a baptism this last week so we brought her and our other investigator Jenny. Jessa told my companion that when she gets baptized that she will feel the same amazing feeling that those who were baptized felt. She came to church as well and told us that she felt the happiest at church than she has before. Her baptism is for October and I really hope that I am still here in the area. She has been reading and praying everyday too. She just is so ready and that bore testimony to me that people like this are out there, ready to hear the gospel. They could be a neighbor, a family member, or a close friend. No matter the case, they are out there and within our reach, so we need to talk and invite.
Sister Dada was an investigator who is really interested but hadn't received an answer that this was what she wanted or if it was true. So every time we extended baptism to her she would just say i'm not sure or i'm not ready. Then we went back this last week and said sisters, i'm really ready now. YES!!! Miracle!!!!!! She really wants her husband to join with her so we are working on him.
Sister Napit got sick again this week. I felt so bad for her. I seriously am being prepared for motherhood. Lots of patience and love. haha.
Personally, i am doing good. Not sad anymore which has been so good. We have been working so hard so I have had no time to think about myself. I am doing my best to stay focused.
Haha funny story. There is this one lady I always buy peanut butter in the market on Mondays and last week she asked if I had a husband yet and I said no. She said " Oh I have a very handsome son for you. I just want a grandchild to look like you because you are so beautiful" hahahahhahahaha oh what a life. All the old ladies try to get me to marry their sons.

Until next week. Sending my love from the Philippines!!