Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 9, 2014

But I had one experience this week that calmed my fears and strengthened my testimony that I know that Heavenly Father helps his missionaries. We have been teaching Carlo for a while. He is 17 and is making really good progress. We went and taught him priesthood one night to get him excited to receive it after his baptism. We explained it and at the end to check for understanding asked him why it was important on the earth today. He then said "Hindi ko po idea sisters" Meaning i have no idea. I then had a thought to talk about Christ and how he healed the sick and blessed the people because of the priesthood. And then I just opened my mouth. Tagalog just came out and i have no idea what I said to him, but the spirit just came into the room and he understood. I probably spoke for 5 minutes straight in Tagalog. He then understood and told us he was happy and looked forward to having it one day. After wards my companion said to me that she didn't know I could speak like that. I told her that I don't, that was 100% the spirit in that lesson. If we are worthy and listen to the spirit, I learned that the lord will give us what we need to say and the right time we need to say them. I know that Heavenly father is looking out for me and I can do this training thing. 
I have found 2 filippinos here with BSU shirts too, it is pretty cool. Maybe one day I will talk to them and get a picture with them haha.
I love all of you and thank you for your support.

Sister Hopkins 

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