Monday, June 30, 2014

June 29, 2014

There was a lot that happened this week so i will just start
First we have been trying to meet with this less active family that is in the ward. He use to be a counselor in the bishopric and their family was very active in the church, but then their grandson got really sick. They prayed for him to get better and live, but he passed away. This really hardened their heart toward the church and they left. I guess ever since then, the missionaries have been doing all the could to visit them and help them, but no such luck. We went and visited him last night and we had a really great lesson with him about the plan of salvation and that they will be able to see their grandson again. He started to open up to us and we have another appointment to see them tonight so hopefully we can continue to help him see the light of the gospel. It made me realize that we should build a firm foundation on Christ and his teachings so we can stand stron to what ever happens in his plan for us.
I learned from preach my gospel the other day, that even though we have the gift of the spirit, we have to ask god for that companionship. WE have to go in mighty prayer and really be sincere. If we are, he will grant us the presence of the holy ghost or anything else that we stand in need of. Always continue to pray for that.
REAL INTENT!! Members and investigators, Filipinos in general have no idea what it really means to have real intent. They all say "I have Jesus in my heart, that is enough". NO! that is not enough. WE must act up our answers that we receive. It is just like a job. WE cant expect to get paid if we don't do anything. The same with God. We don't receive his greatest gift of exaltation with out doing what he asks us to do. We can't just be Sunday Mormons either. We have to give all or nothing to receive the blessings of God.
My companion is the best! Seriously, I love sister Mahoni! We have such a great time together. She has become like my best friend. She has such a great love for the lord and this work.
I made fried fish this week and it was really good!!!!!
Man, i though mormon standard time of being like 15 minutes late was bad. We had a ward FHE that ws supposed to start at 5 but didnt start til a little after 7. Talk about late.

And I would challenge you to invite someone to hear the message of the restored Gospel.

I cooked this fish! It was SO GOOD!!!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

June 22,2014

Bye President and sister Peterson. We get a new mission president on Sunday

WE locked our key in the house so i broke in with a broom and umbrella, dont ask how

It Rains All The Time.

Palm Trees Everywhere!!!

The most common way to travel

We had a really good week. We worked so hard and had some great success. One of those is this guy named warren. He is referral from our stake president(who is a super cool stake president). He is 24 and really has a strong desire to know if the mormons are true. The first lesson he accepted to be baptized and then he came to church last sunday. He has really great comments. We teach him in the home of the stake president and their family is so awesome. He so far is progressing really well and i will keep you updated on things.
WE did a lot of service this week. We made dinner for bishop and his wife, but on sunday he told us it wasnt good. Weird I know. WE helped our stake president paint his house and we are going to help them move in this week. It is such a nice house. Then we did some service for a less active in the ward. We helped them clean the side of the house. SO MUCH TRASH! People dont use trash bags here, they just throw things on the side of the road. BUt it softened her heart and they came to church last sunday. Service will always soften the hearts of less actives. Last sunday was crazy. The meeting was so unorganized, the sacrament took forever, and no one was reverent at all. We were worried about our investigators and what they might feel, but then we remembered something Elder Christenson said when he was here visiting us: Even on our days, this is sill gods true church on the earth. So true. No matter what, if kids are crying or running around, if deacons gets lost while passing the sacrament, this is still gods true church.
I have really picked up my game and I am working harder than ever before. I am so tired, but I am so so happy.
"Spiritual truth can not be ignored-Keeping divine commandments brings blessing, every time! Breaking divine commandments brings a loss of blessings, every time!" I love you


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

May 25, 2014

It was kind of a crazy week. It was SOO HOT! to the point that we would get the worst head aches from the heat. seriously. But other than that yes I am healthy. I have been exercising more regularly too. Dont worry about me. I am healthy :)
That is soooo cool that chase is going to Brazil!! You will have to tell them congrats for me. And everyone back at home is growing up!!!! So so excited for amanda!!!!!!!!!!! So cool. Man, all my friends are married or getting married...weird. YAY BROOKE ! So excited for her. And for you two mom. The school year is just about to start here in the Philippines. Summer is now over here for the kids.
This week we visited a lot of members to try and get referrals. which was good, not great, but good. Also we went on exchanges this week with our STLs in out Zone and I got to go with one of my best friends from the mission, Sister Tua'one. It was so great and I learned so much from her.
I had one really cool experience with teaching by the spirit this last week with Sister Tau'one. We were visiting a referral from a member in their area and our goal was to teach the first 4 principles from the restoration, but didnt really know exactly how that was going to happen. But as we started to teach and really listen to the spirit and praying for each other, everything was said that needed to be said, the spirit was really the one testifying and at the end se invited the sisters to come back to share with her. It was really cool. This experience taught me that as we listen to each other and the spirit, and pray for each other, our lessons will be taught the way heavenly father wants them to be taught, by his way.
Transfers are soon and I am pretty sure I will be out. I am still in my first area and I have been here for almost 6 months now. I love it here, really. And the members, but it is so time for a new change.
Thanks for all your updates mom. LOVE YOU! oh and can you believe that you will have a 21 year old daughter soon?Me neither.
Seriously, love you mom!

Sister Meg Hopkins

June 1, 2014

Lots has happened!
K first, We had Elder Craig Christenson( not elder Christofferson) Came talk to our mission. He talked to us about prayer and like Enos calls it wrestling with god. He talked about how we should prepare ourselves to talk with god before we just kneel in prayer. We can read the scriptures or sing a hymn, something to help bring the spirit in before we pray so we can know the will of god through the spirit was we pray. If we do this, we can live in the spirit all day, ready to receive what it is that god would have us do. Also he said that our personal study and prayer is our time to communicate with out Father in Heaven, not just during the prayer but as we study too. It is the concept of a prayer in your heart. I have learned how to really pray. It is not perfected, but Im learning. So very grateful. Then as they were leaving, His wife shook my hand, pulled me in and said "dont stop til its finished" and she thanked me for serving. SO COOL!! In other words, just keep going. That has been the theme of the week for my Companion and I.."I just keep going".
I started to read a book that President lent a sister in my house called "Act in Doctrine" by Elder Bednar. Mom, go buy it. This book has changed my life. He talks about how we need to do more than just learn of Christ, we NEED to do as he did, and act in his Doctrine. Seriously, I promise it will change your life.
We had a really hard time finding new investigators last week. We did a lot of referral lessons with members but not a whole lot of success. We have been doing all we can to help this new member family in our ward share the gospel with The Brother's mom. she has been living with him and his family for like 3 months now. We had the thought and idea to watch the restoration video with her. As soon as the video was over, she left and didnt stay for the rest of the lesson. Brother's head just dropped. He was so sad. All he wants is for her to see the truth. He says he prays for her all the time. SOmething I realized, no matter how bad we want something, even with faith, It all happens on Gods time. our answers to our prayers will come, but in the time and place that is right for them and on the time of the lord.
Yes we drink a ton of water, ALL THE TIME! Transfer day is this week so i may be transfered out. I have been here 6 months. We find out on Tuesday so i will be telling you next monday where God is in need of me.
THis last weekm there was this parade of like princesses. They call it Santa Cruzin'. It is a thing they do right before school starts. There were older girls and younger ones. These two were sooooo stinking cute!
I am doing great, I have learned so much and changed soooooooooooooooooo much.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 8, 2014

Sister Hopkins, You have been transfered! I am now in my second area called Sta Cruz. It is like 20 minutes away from my last area. This place is great. All I hear is that the people are so ready to accept the gospel. So my comp and I are super excited. her name is sister Mahoni. She is also a Tongan. Man, my 3rd tongan comp in the mission, that is all I have had here in the field. I LOVE IT!!
This week was rough though. We didnt work because.....dont freak out...... I had to go to the ER. The night i got there, i was carrying up my suitcase to unpack and on the last step up, the suitcase caught my toe nail and bent it back. The only part that was left on was the nail part under the skin. so the next morning we went to the hospital to see if they would take it off all the way or try to save it. We got to the ER at 10:15, i was laying on the ER bed at 10:20, and by 10:30 my big toe nail was gone. the doctor kept saying I cant save it and being super dramatic. the tried to numb my toe and told me I wouldnt feel anything, but I felt EVERYTHING! She like counted to 3 and just pulled the whole thing off. I screamed at the top of my lungs it hurt to bad. I would not wish that upon my worst enemy. So now I am the sister with 9 toe nails haha. It still hurts super bad. But our Zone Leaders came to give me a blessing. I was shaking so bad that it hurt and during the blessing, they blessed me with peace and comfort and I stopped shaking. I know it is because of the power of the priesthood. So so grateful for the worthy elders that hold the priesthood.
Then the next day, I got really sick from my antibiotics and was throwing up. We ahvent worked much and it has been so hard on me. All I want is to work and go out. But, I know it is a trial from God. It will make me stronger. I just need to rely on him and he wlll help me and bring me through this.
Ya so happy bday to me and my hurt little foot. I cant wear closed toe shoes yet, so i just wear one flip flop. One neighbor girl was so worried for me, that she ran after me to tell me that I only had one real shoe on haha it was so cute!
I know that God is mindful of us and really loves us, even when trial come.