Monday, June 30, 2014

June 29, 2014

There was a lot that happened this week so i will just start
First we have been trying to meet with this less active family that is in the ward. He use to be a counselor in the bishopric and their family was very active in the church, but then their grandson got really sick. They prayed for him to get better and live, but he passed away. This really hardened their heart toward the church and they left. I guess ever since then, the missionaries have been doing all the could to visit them and help them, but no such luck. We went and visited him last night and we had a really great lesson with him about the plan of salvation and that they will be able to see their grandson again. He started to open up to us and we have another appointment to see them tonight so hopefully we can continue to help him see the light of the gospel. It made me realize that we should build a firm foundation on Christ and his teachings so we can stand stron to what ever happens in his plan for us.
I learned from preach my gospel the other day, that even though we have the gift of the spirit, we have to ask god for that companionship. WE have to go in mighty prayer and really be sincere. If we are, he will grant us the presence of the holy ghost or anything else that we stand in need of. Always continue to pray for that.
REAL INTENT!! Members and investigators, Filipinos in general have no idea what it really means to have real intent. They all say "I have Jesus in my heart, that is enough". NO! that is not enough. WE must act up our answers that we receive. It is just like a job. WE cant expect to get paid if we don't do anything. The same with God. We don't receive his greatest gift of exaltation with out doing what he asks us to do. We can't just be Sunday Mormons either. We have to give all or nothing to receive the blessings of God.
My companion is the best! Seriously, I love sister Mahoni! We have such a great time together. She has become like my best friend. She has such a great love for the lord and this work.
I made fried fish this week and it was really good!!!!!
Man, i though mormon standard time of being like 15 minutes late was bad. We had a ward FHE that ws supposed to start at 5 but didnt start til a little after 7. Talk about late.

And I would challenge you to invite someone to hear the message of the restored Gospel.

I cooked this fish! It was SO GOOD!!!!!!

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