Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 8, 2014

Sister Hopkins, You have been transfered! I am now in my second area called Sta Cruz. It is like 20 minutes away from my last area. This place is great. All I hear is that the people are so ready to accept the gospel. So my comp and I are super excited. her name is sister Mahoni. She is also a Tongan. Man, my 3rd tongan comp in the mission, that is all I have had here in the field. I LOVE IT!!
This week was rough though. We didnt work because.....dont freak out...... I had to go to the ER. The night i got there, i was carrying up my suitcase to unpack and on the last step up, the suitcase caught my toe nail and bent it back. The only part that was left on was the nail part under the skin. so the next morning we went to the hospital to see if they would take it off all the way or try to save it. We got to the ER at 10:15, i was laying on the ER bed at 10:20, and by 10:30 my big toe nail was gone. the doctor kept saying I cant save it and being super dramatic. the tried to numb my toe and told me I wouldnt feel anything, but I felt EVERYTHING! She like counted to 3 and just pulled the whole thing off. I screamed at the top of my lungs it hurt to bad. I would not wish that upon my worst enemy. So now I am the sister with 9 toe nails haha. It still hurts super bad. But our Zone Leaders came to give me a blessing. I was shaking so bad that it hurt and during the blessing, they blessed me with peace and comfort and I stopped shaking. I know it is because of the power of the priesthood. So so grateful for the worthy elders that hold the priesthood.
Then the next day, I got really sick from my antibiotics and was throwing up. We ahvent worked much and it has been so hard on me. All I want is to work and go out. But, I know it is a trial from God. It will make me stronger. I just need to rely on him and he wlll help me and bring me through this.
Ya so happy bday to me and my hurt little foot. I cant wear closed toe shoes yet, so i just wear one flip flop. One neighbor girl was so worried for me, that she ran after me to tell me that I only had one real shoe on haha it was so cute!
I know that God is mindful of us and really loves us, even when trial come.

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