Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 1, 2014

Lots has happened!
K first, We had Elder Craig Christenson( not elder Christofferson) Came talk to our mission. He talked to us about prayer and like Enos calls it wrestling with god. He talked about how we should prepare ourselves to talk with god before we just kneel in prayer. We can read the scriptures or sing a hymn, something to help bring the spirit in before we pray so we can know the will of god through the spirit was we pray. If we do this, we can live in the spirit all day, ready to receive what it is that god would have us do. Also he said that our personal study and prayer is our time to communicate with out Father in Heaven, not just during the prayer but as we study too. It is the concept of a prayer in your heart. I have learned how to really pray. It is not perfected, but Im learning. So very grateful. Then as they were leaving, His wife shook my hand, pulled me in and said "dont stop til its finished" and she thanked me for serving. SO COOL!! In other words, just keep going. That has been the theme of the week for my Companion and I.."I just keep going".
I started to read a book that President lent a sister in my house called "Act in Doctrine" by Elder Bednar. Mom, go buy it. This book has changed my life. He talks about how we need to do more than just learn of Christ, we NEED to do as he did, and act in his Doctrine. Seriously, I promise it will change your life.
We had a really hard time finding new investigators last week. We did a lot of referral lessons with members but not a whole lot of success. We have been doing all we can to help this new member family in our ward share the gospel with The Brother's mom. she has been living with him and his family for like 3 months now. We had the thought and idea to watch the restoration video with her. As soon as the video was over, she left and didnt stay for the rest of the lesson. Brother's head just dropped. He was so sad. All he wants is for her to see the truth. He says he prays for her all the time. SOmething I realized, no matter how bad we want something, even with faith, It all happens on Gods time. our answers to our prayers will come, but in the time and place that is right for them and on the time of the lord.
Yes we drink a ton of water, ALL THE TIME! Transfer day is this week so i may be transfered out. I have been here 6 months. We find out on Tuesday so i will be telling you next monday where God is in need of me.
THis last weekm there was this parade of like princesses. They call it Santa Cruzin'. It is a thing they do right before school starts. There were older girls and younger ones. These two were sooooo stinking cute!
I am doing great, I have learned so much and changed soooooooooooooooooo much.

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