Monday, June 23, 2014

June 22,2014

Bye President and sister Peterson. We get a new mission president on Sunday

WE locked our key in the house so i broke in with a broom and umbrella, dont ask how

It Rains All The Time.

Palm Trees Everywhere!!!

The most common way to travel

We had a really good week. We worked so hard and had some great success. One of those is this guy named warren. He is referral from our stake president(who is a super cool stake president). He is 24 and really has a strong desire to know if the mormons are true. The first lesson he accepted to be baptized and then he came to church last sunday. He has really great comments. We teach him in the home of the stake president and their family is so awesome. He so far is progressing really well and i will keep you updated on things.
WE did a lot of service this week. We made dinner for bishop and his wife, but on sunday he told us it wasnt good. Weird I know. WE helped our stake president paint his house and we are going to help them move in this week. It is such a nice house. Then we did some service for a less active in the ward. We helped them clean the side of the house. SO MUCH TRASH! People dont use trash bags here, they just throw things on the side of the road. BUt it softened her heart and they came to church last sunday. Service will always soften the hearts of less actives. Last sunday was crazy. The meeting was so unorganized, the sacrament took forever, and no one was reverent at all. We were worried about our investigators and what they might feel, but then we remembered something Elder Christenson said when he was here visiting us: Even on our days, this is sill gods true church on the earth. So true. No matter what, if kids are crying or running around, if deacons gets lost while passing the sacrament, this is still gods true church.
I have really picked up my game and I am working harder than ever before. I am so tired, but I am so so happy.
"Spiritual truth can not be ignored-Keeping divine commandments brings blessing, every time! Breaking divine commandments brings a loss of blessings, every time!" I love you


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