Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

TO start, we got punted by all the members that we had planned to teach this week. We would go to their house and they wouldn't be home or they would say next week sisters. It was rough because our members were our main focus this last week. But what can you do. We are trying to help them rad the book of Mormon everyday as a family. It is so important not only are we reading individually but as a family to continue to grow together. I have such a strong testimony of that since being in the mission. Everything else just fits into your day if you put things that matter most first like scripture study and prayers. 

So we have this new investigator that was actually a referral from one of our older investigators. The first time we visited her she was very nice but told us that she was not really looking to change religions because she just wants to be catholic. WE just shared a simple message and then we taught the way Jesus Christ taught us how to pray. WE felt good about the visit but knew we would be able to tell more the next time we came, as in if she kept the commitments that we extended to her or not. We went back the next week and she told us that she felt so much better and more peace after she prayed the way we taught her. She also read the pamphlet we left with her and liked the part of how God gave joseph smith the power to re-establish God's church. And at the end of the lesson she committed to be baptized if after all she feels these things are true and she knows them. She was really open and was so grateful too that we gave her a Book of Mormon and that we are willing to help her find the truth for herself. there was just a very special feeling in the room and we felt so good after our lesson. 

We had our ward Christmas party and Santa showed up for the little kids. we have this members from our ward from England and he just married this woman in our ward. So her dressed up as Santa for the ward party. They also made sure that every little kid and every relief Society member had a gift to go home with. IM sure some of those kids were excited, especially those who may not have a wrapped gift on Christmas Day. it was a real blessing for our ward and it was very touching to see their willingness to give to the ward. 

Sorry, my week was kind of boring but Im sure I will have more stories this next week after Christmas. I hope that amongst the gift and cookies and the fanciness of Christmas, we still remember our savior Jesus Christ and how he is the gift to all the world from a loving Father in Heaven. I am so grateful to be a missionary at this special time and to be sharing this true gospel. 



December 14, 2014

This was a good week :) and got to end it with the Christmas Devotional. It was so good especially the music. SOOOO GOOD!!! It reminded me of being in Choir singing big numbers like the ones they sang.
 How was the good ole Encore?? Is Mr. Lapp still teaching? MAN sometimes I miss those days, but then I think that im glad and happy where I am haha.
 So this week I just want to share a few things that happened:
First, I was kind of having a rough time and a little homesick and feeling super bad for myself. We then went to an appointment and as we were sitting on the Jeepney when I saw the young boys, very dirty, sleeping on the side of the road, using on the backpacks they had for pillows and no shoes. That is when I thought to myself I have NO need or right to be down right now because I have a bed to sleep in, I have food, clean clothes and shoes. Sometimes we are so assessed with ourselves that we forget that we are so blessed. That was a humility check for me. We have so much to be grateful for, especially for the gospel.
Second I want to share a miracle of prayer. We have a recent convert in our ward whose husband has been a smoker since he was 9 years old. She shared with us how she has been praying so hard for him to stop ever since she joined the church. She told us, as we were visiting her, that one day out of the blue her husband told her that it was time for him to stop smoking and just quit, she told us she just felt so good because Heavenly father had answered her prayer. I know that God really hears us and answers us. Sometimes we don't realize how lucky we are to get to pray to our heavenly father who is all might and all knowing and can do anything to his desire. How truly blessed we are to know this.
Third, WE have been visiting a less active family, especially helping build the faith of the husband(I will attach the pic). He always tells us how weak his faith is and we always tell him that it is all through action that our strength comes back. But it has been weeks since and months since he had been to church. A miracle happened...their family came to church last sunday. It as so good to see him and he just looked so happy. Our true happiness really comes from the gospel. World happiness only lasts so long until be need spiritual happiness to fill the emptiness.
I am doing good.  I am doing better. 


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December 9, 2014

So as you heard, we had a typhoon come through our mission this last week. WE were all pretty worried because it was projected originally to hit our mission pretty hard. But I know that God heard our prayers from the mission and has kept us pretty safe. The storm didn't hit us too hard. it just rained for 2 or 3 days and pretty windy. We were evacuated to higher ground and stayed with some of the other sisters in our district. IT was fun to be with our sisters for a couple of days since we are pretty far spread out. Since all Monday we were confined to our home, we had a fun FHE that brought us so much closer together. My testimony grew that much more about Home evening and the power that it brings to our families. It brings us closer in ways that we cant even understand but it does. It was just so much fun. Played fun games and took fun pictures, I included them in the email I sent already. I hope that everyone can take this council and experience the power that comes from this blessed and inspired activity.

I went on exchanges with a sister names Sister Manu. she is from Tonga and is so great. We got bunted a lot but had so much fun OYMing and sharing the gospel. Sometimes I am still scared or timid when it comes to talking to random strangers about the gospel but she really helped me to just dive in and start talking to people. I felt so much happier afterwards. Mom, I challenge you this week to talk to one person about the gospel whether it is a neighbor, coworker, or random person. I promise you that you will feel so much joy as you do.

Friday we had MLC which is a council for all the missionary leaders. These are my favorite meetings. The Assistans gave a workshop about love, charity. We studies Moroni 7:45 and how we need to as missionary leaders have these attributes and love the missionaries around us. We need to take the time to see those that need us and to seek not our own. One of the Assistants said Leadership is not a position, it is an action. It is an action of love for Gods children. We must love those we serve, always. especially with Christmas coming us, this is our time to show our Savior that we love him by loving those around us.

I sent the package today so I don't know when it will get to you. Also I got Ang's and Gma's package that they sent. Tell them thank you and love them.

just thought I would share how much I love my companion. We have been through a lot together and I love her so much. So sad that she ill be going home at the end of This month.

Sorry this is so short, but I hope you know that I love you so much. Thank you for everything. MAHAL KITA!!!!!


December 8, 2014

Dear Philippines San Pablo Mission Family,

I am happy to report to you that the core of the storm has cleared our mission as of this morning. Thanks to your fasting and prayers in our behalf, the typhoon was weakened to a tropical storm by the time it reached our mission. We had considerable rain creating some localized flooding, but did not have the high winds associated with a typhoon. We will be experiencing light to moderate rainfall for the next 24 to 48 hours as the tail end of the storm travels across our mission.

As of this morning, we are beginning to return missionaries to their areas as weather permits. I have instructed your missionaries to email you as soon as the services in their areas allow them to do so. All of our missionaries are safe and came through the storm in good spirits. About 50% of our missionaries were relocated to chapels or other missionary apartments in preparation for the storm to ensure they were in safe shelters.

We are thankful again for your fasting, faith, and prayers. Thanks for sending Sister Mangum and I such amazing missionaries. We cherish this time we have to serve them and to serve with them. They are an inspiration to us and we love them! We pray that all is well with you and your families and that you have a Merry Christmas as you reflect on the life and mission of our Savior Jesus Christ.

President and Sister Mangum

Philippines San Pablo Mission

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 9, 2014

December 5, 2014

From Meg's Mission President!

Dear Philippines San Pablo Mission Family,

You are probably already aware of Typhoon Hagupit, locally referred to as Ruby, which is off of the coast of the Philippines and headed our way. We have been tracking the storm for the past few days and have been working to prepare our missionaries for its arrival. The latest projections show it is tracking directly toward our mission and it will arrive sometime this weekend or early next week. The speed of the storm has been decreasing so it is difficult to estimate when it will reach us.

All of our missionaries have been alerted to prepare for the storm and have been given very specific instructions about how to prepare. We are working to relocate missionaries from coastal lines and areas that might be prone to flooding, mudslides, etc. We are being overly cautious and conservative in the approach we are taking to protect your missionaries.

Given the timing of the storm, you may not receive an email on Monday, which is your normal day to hear from your missionary. Don’t panic if you don’t hear from them. In July we lost internet service for a period of time following the storm and I assume we will have the same experience with this storm. I will allow your missionary to email home as soon as services have been restored. As soon as possible following the storm, I will send an email confirming that everyone is well and accounted for and give you a brief update.

Please continue to keep our missionaries and the Philippines in your prayers. Our hope and prayers are that the storm will weaken as it reaches us and all of our preparations will have been unnecessary. We are preparing for the worst while praying and hoping for the best.

Thanks for the amazing sons and daughters you have consecrated to the Lord’s service. It is Sister Mangum and I’s great privilege to serve them and serve with them!

President Mangum