Monday, December 22, 2014

December 14, 2014

This was a good week :) and got to end it with the Christmas Devotional. It was so good especially the music. SOOOO GOOD!!! It reminded me of being in Choir singing big numbers like the ones they sang.
 How was the good ole Encore?? Is Mr. Lapp still teaching? MAN sometimes I miss those days, but then I think that im glad and happy where I am haha.
 So this week I just want to share a few things that happened:
First, I was kind of having a rough time and a little homesick and feeling super bad for myself. We then went to an appointment and as we were sitting on the Jeepney when I saw the young boys, very dirty, sleeping on the side of the road, using on the backpacks they had for pillows and no shoes. That is when I thought to myself I have NO need or right to be down right now because I have a bed to sleep in, I have food, clean clothes and shoes. Sometimes we are so assessed with ourselves that we forget that we are so blessed. That was a humility check for me. We have so much to be grateful for, especially for the gospel.
Second I want to share a miracle of prayer. We have a recent convert in our ward whose husband has been a smoker since he was 9 years old. She shared with us how she has been praying so hard for him to stop ever since she joined the church. She told us, as we were visiting her, that one day out of the blue her husband told her that it was time for him to stop smoking and just quit, she told us she just felt so good because Heavenly father had answered her prayer. I know that God really hears us and answers us. Sometimes we don't realize how lucky we are to get to pray to our heavenly father who is all might and all knowing and can do anything to his desire. How truly blessed we are to know this.
Third, WE have been visiting a less active family, especially helping build the faith of the husband(I will attach the pic). He always tells us how weak his faith is and we always tell him that it is all through action that our strength comes back. But it has been weeks since and months since he had been to church. A miracle happened...their family came to church last sunday. It as so good to see him and he just looked so happy. Our true happiness really comes from the gospel. World happiness only lasts so long until be need spiritual happiness to fill the emptiness.
I am doing good.  I am doing better. 


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