Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 30, 2013

Service Projects on Thanksgiving!! 

This week has been one to go down in the books of my mission. One of the best weeks. First last Sunday, my kasama and I taught our district about repentance. The spirit was the real teach and it was cool how that worked. I learned that repentance is a dear dear gift that our Father in Heaven has given to us to help us return to live with him again. Sundays are the bomb here at the MTC! 

Miracles are happening everyday here. One of the miracles that has happened is with our investigator named Jerry. He is a 60 year old man who wants to learn about the church but his wife is not happy and doesn't want him to. We asked him to be baptized but he said he wasn't ready. the next time we went he told us that he loves what we have been teaching him and he committed to go to church on Sunday. So Monday we will follow up and see what he thought about that. It was a miracle thought to see him go from no to wanting to come to church and to learn more. Miracles are still happening all around us. We just have to recognize them.

THANKSGIVING!!!!! So even thought I did miss being with family this year, thanksgiving was probably the best day I have had at the MTC thus far! It was incredible. Elder Russell M. Nelson of the twelve apostles came to talk to us. He talked about things we can to do have a successful mission and be a better missionary. It was also nice to have him say that All the apostles  and the first presidency pray for us daily. They really do love us missionaries. Next was our service project. We packaged meals for children in Utah who don't have food or go without meals. In the span of 3 hours, the missionaries here at the MTC packaged over 300,000 meals for the children of Utah. Pretty amazing huh? Later that night there was a skit about the first thanksgiving and we then watched Ephriam's Rescue. If you haven't seen it, you should. It is a good movie. Such a great day of gratitude and time to reflect on things that I am so thankful for. I and so grateful for family and friends that support me and pray for me. i love you all. I am so grateful to be out here on my mission and can't wait to go to the Philippines, only 2 more weeks!!!!! 

We have the older district leaving this monday and that will be really sad because we all are really close. It is as if we are a giant family, that is how close we have gotten. But I look forward to seeing them do great things in the Philippines. 

If I could give you all some advice it would be to pray. Sometimes we may feel that God doesn't hear us or answer our prayers but he does. A sister in my district said this about prayer " We communicate with god through sincerity, and he communicates with us through stillness". Sometimes we are always going going going, but take the time to slow down, ponder, and pray. He will hear you and help you with anything. His hand is reached out towards you, all we have to do is grab it.

I love you all so much and pray for you all. Don't ever forget that you are a child of God!!!! Mahal ko Kayo!!!!!!! Only 2 more weeks!!!!!!!

Love, Sister Hopkins 

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