Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 17, 2014

Well a big typhoon hit, I didnt think that would ever happen on my mission. We went to bed tuesady night thinking that it would just rain a little bit when we got the typhoon warning. We woke up at about 12 to the biggest rush of wind I have ever seen and tons of rain. We were not able to sleep at all. Luckily there was no damage to our place, it was just a little muddy on the floor from the rain and the dirt. We then decided to not work that day but rather go out and make sure people were ok and do service to help them clean up. There were so many huge trees with big roots pulled up that had fallen on homes, so many people lost their homes and everyone had no power and some no water. Some people lost everything. There was this one older couple that they let us clean up their home with them and the had nothing..literally nothing. All of their things were piled under their walls and roof that had crumbled to the ground. Of course you could see the pain but also the hope. We pulled up some of their roof so they were able to at least get their clothes out. We did a lot of service the rest of the week: we built a fence for a a member, washed mattresses, pulled pieces of roof from houses, and did a lot of cleaning. It has been a very traumatic week seeing people loose everything they have. But I learned one really important lesson that everyone needs to know.. MATERIAL THINGS DO NOT MATTER ONE BIT! It doesnt matter if you have the latest Iphone or car, or if you have a big fancy house. The only thing that really matters is our family. We met one sister who lots her home and her tindahan and she told us that even though she wasnt good and that she was upset, her family was safe and that was the most important thing. That is something we can all learn a lesson from. We are always going to have our family. They are the most important so we should so all we can to love them, forgive them, serve them, and grow together with them. It is through the gospel of Jesus christ that we are able to do this. We still have no power at our apartment, 7 days now without, but we still go forth sharing the gospel and loving the people here. Find what really matters in your life, then hold onto it and treasure it.
This is a picture of our new Zone. We have transfers lsat week and got some new faces in our zone.
the other is a picture of a less active family we are trying to reactivate. We taught a lesson about the temple and especially the temple sealing. One of the little girls asked if my family was sealed. I sad no. then tears filled my eyes with hope and I shared that I have that hope that one day my family will be. It was a very tender lesson. This family means a lot to me.
Well I love you. I am glad you are good. Dont worry about me, I am ok.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

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