Monday, August 11, 2014

August 10, 2014

We did service for our investigator who is getting baptized this week. This is how they get all of their water.

3. I CAN TOUCH MY TOES!! That has never happened!!!!!

4. Our investigator is in the hospital. but we have been able to visit him still.

HALF WAY!!!!!! I gotta work harder, I only have 9 months left

My beautiful!

This week was weird. It went by fast but not at the same time.
This week Brother Ramos, the sick one, went to the hospital. He was confined and has been there for 4 or 5 days now. He needed 5 bags of blood because the blood in his body was toxic. So we have been visiting him at the hospital. He always wants us to pray and then we read a little out of his Book of Mormon that he brought with him to the hospital. His faith has grown so much and he has not been negative about the experience. He is always joking and talking about having the strength to be baptized. It has all just been a miracle. We went and saw him today and they told us they will be home either tomorrow or wednesday. We are so excited. He now has good blood and looks so good. He has his strength back. We love this man and are still shooting for Aug 30 for him to be baptized. We love him a lot.
I HIT MY 9 MONTHS!!!!!!! I cant believe how fast it came! And now I only have 9 sad and I still have so much to do. i havent even hit my potential yet, still working in that. But if anything it just gives me an extra push to work harder still im tired and then work a little more.
We have two baptisms this Saturday that we are so excited for. One of the sisters, Teresita is very poor. She is the one that lives in the tent. Well last week she didnt have money to travel to church which is 20 pesos back and forth with is about 50 cents both ways. So she walked to church which took her 2 hours to walk. She enjoyed it and said it was worth it. She even fasted that day too and said she saw a lot of blessings come her way. So I will email you next week about them.
I am getting so tan! I dont know if you an tell but this is the tannest I have ever been. And I can touch my toes now. I have never been able to do that haha. I work out every morning and then I stretch really good after it.
K so my tittle was about our week. We have been trying to work with the members to find new investigators but everytime we try and do referral lessons, nothing comes. We went to so many members and there is nothing from it. Or we would get punted from an appointment and have to find something else to do. But it is the sacrifice of doing things the lords way that in the long run will be more success. God will do his work, we arent doing this alone, he is helping us. As we continue to work with the members, something will come and we look forward to that. If we do things his way, he wont let us down.


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