Monday, December 23, 2013

December 22, 2013

I am in the Philippines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It is so crazy to actually be here. The flight all together was about 20 ish hours give or take an hour. We finally got to the mission home where I received my companion. Her name is sister Feinga and she is from Tonga. I am excited to serve with her. I am still trying to get used to everyone looking at me, the white girl. I guess i didn't actually know how white I was until coming here. They all look at me, ALL THE TIME!!! They all say hey its the white girl, she is so pretty. I still have to get used to that because it is so weird. I am the only white person in my area. 
I want to share one thing that I am starting to learn about and that is humility. there was one day we taught 2 lessons on the floor. One of those lessons was on the floor and in the dark. Another sister we visited had cockroaches running across her floor and a mouse chilling on her stove and it didn't bother her. these people have nothing, really, nothing. But yet they are so happy to have us share the gospel with them. I have so much to learn. They are so humble and I need to strive to be more like that. We should be grateful for the little things that we have that dont seem like much. We should be grateful for warm water, for ac, for a home cooked meal. I know i am grateful for a washing machine. I washed my clothes my hand this morning and rubbed me fingers raw. I have so much in my life and I need to be more grateful for that. 
I love you all and merry Christmas. I hope this year we can all remember why we have Christmas. 

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