Monday, December 30, 2013

December 29, 2013

Oh my goodness. Christmas was a good one. Skyping family was the best thing ever and I really loved seeing everyone's faces and getting to talk to them more. It was hard to be away from home but so worth it to see family for the little time that I had. One thing that i learned this past christmas is that it is all about christ.We have this holiday because of him and his birth. The spirit was chirstmas should be with us always. But we should drop the mas and then it becomes the spirit of christ. When we have this spirit with us we are striving to always remember him and so our best to come closer to him. By doing this we are happier and can love those around us with an open heart and love them as christ would love them. We should strive to always look for him, "Wise men still seek him". Be that wise man today and still seek for the love and light of christ. 
So funny story. there are lizards everywhere here. In tagalog lizard is butiki. We taught two lessons and at each lesson a lizard fell from the ceiling and landed on my companions lap. 2 different times!!!!!! Hahahahaha it was so funny. 
We have this one investigator who is in love with me, he is like 42. He always stares are me when we teach even if i am not talking. He has given us food every time we see him. He gave us a whole little chicken one night, and mangos the other time we taught him. Man I am just so white here, everyone loves me. Sometimes it makes me uncomfortable. I suppose I just have to get used to it.
i has my first baptism on Sunday for a sister names Dolores. It was such a great experience and I look forward to more to come. 
I got really sick for two days. My stomach hurt really bad and I think it was from the chicken one of our investigators gave me. But we has a lot of work to do. So we went out. I witnessed a miracle. the times that we were teaching up until we came home, I did not feel sick at all. The lord was able to bless me as I went about doing his work and I know that that was a blessing from him. That was a miracle because I really felt aweful. But the lord loves his missionaries and will provide a way. 
One last story to close my email. We meet an investigator names ningning. Her sister is a member and is visiting from texas. She is not a member but has been coming to church for 3 sundays now with her sister. She tells us that she is trying to find the truth and when we teach her she loves what we have to say. She tells us that when she goes to church she is not bored and loves hearing about the gospel, especially that our families can be together forever. All she wants is to knowthe truth so when we talked to her about Joseph Smith, that testified to her that she can know for herself too. We love her already and we extended a baptism invite to her for Feb 8th. We hope and pray for her that she ill be ready. 
i am loving my mission. My companions are the best and I love my area. Thank you for all the love and support!!! Mahal ko kayo!! Love you!
Sister Hopkins

Pictures: One is of Sister dolores' baptism, my very first fresh mango.

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