Monday, October 27, 2014

October 26, 2014

It was a crazy week!!!
Ok so a sister training Leader is a calling over all the sisters in either one or two zones. It is like the equivalent to a Zone leader but for sisters. So we get to go on exchanges with all the sisters in our zone and one other zone. We are over 6 sets of sisters. This last week we went on exchanges and I went with Sister Ternora. It was so fun. I saw the beach for the first time in my whole life!! I learned that I am so grateful for my companion and that we can talk to each other and that we are in unity. If you don't have unity in a companionship, you cant teach by the spirit. We came back that night on a bus and we were so tired afterwards, and we still had to plan the workshop for the next day for district meeting. Haha lets just say that we are trying to be better at not procrastinating.
Thursday night we had a really fun FHE with an investigator and some of the members in the ward. The ward has been so welcoming and loving to them. Everyone has such a great time especially our investigator and her family. Missionary work is so much better with the members because they really set the tone for the rest of the time in the church. I encourage you to welcome and fellowship new members and investigators into the ward. They will feel welcomed and that they belong and continue to make progress. We went to that investigator a couple days later, her name is Rona by the way, and she wanted us to teach her about tithing and all these other things. It is exciting to see her faith grow and also so see her excitement for learning more about the gospel.
I had a major break down yesterday. I just felt to inadequate to be a sister training leader: these are sisters that know their stuff and are like the best missionaries. I just felt that I wasn't qualified and felt like I was the worst of a leader. SO of course I broke down. But I am so grateful for my companion because she was there to give me comfort. She had felt that way once and told me that I can do it. She reminded me that this is a time to become not a time to be perfect and then I reflected on what my mission president told me when he called me: he said that this was a calling that would affect the rest of my life. Its just a trial of faith. Every time we reach the next level of greater faith an equally trying trial comes to help lift us to an even greater level of faith. We must exhort all we can to not give in or give up. Just like joseph smith. When he prayed in the sacred grove a thick darkness came over him but he didn't give up or give in and neither should we. Trials will always come before greatness comes. Don't give in.
Hey sorry, not too much happened this week but next week will be more exciting. We have lots of fun meetings and 2 general authorities are coming tomorrow to talk to us.
Thank you so much for all that you do.

PS can you believe that I will be home in like 6 months???!!!

Exchanges this week...I saw the Ocean for the first time :)

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