Monday, November 17, 2014

November 16, 2014

First Exchanges!!!! I got to go on exchanges with my batch mate, SIster Kinikini, and we were trying to tract down a referral we have had for a month and every time we ask the barangay halls, they give us nothing. We decided to go one more time to find her. We went to the same place and no luck. Then at the last minute this guy runs up and tells us her address. Success but then we both had no idea where that is because we just both got transferred here. Then out of no where a member drives up in his tricycle, asks where we are going, and gives us a ride. He stopped a couple of times to ask where but before we knew it we were in front of this sisters house (our referral) and were able to schedule a return appointment. Had we left the house one minute later or planned to go at a different time to her, I don't know if we would have been able to find her. But the Lords hand was definitely manifest as we found a faithful sister ready to hear the message of the restored Gospel. Her daughter is a recent convert in the states so we hope to continue that tradition in their family.

We had zone training and as Zone leaders and STLs our workshop was all about keeping our commitments to our Savior. We as missionaries or even a members have made promises or covenants to God that we would do something or become something. But then sometimes we forget to check our progress: How well am I doing at keeping the commitments I made to Jesus Christ? Reflect and make changes so that we are always doing what we promised to do. As I reflected I remembered that I need to do better and as I help the sisters over my stewardship reach their potential I need to be doing the same.

This last week I came face to face with my weaknesses. I really took it as an opportunity to grow. Even if it was hard it is a time to look even more to my Savior and use his atonement to become and even better me. Alma 26:12


Yellow watermelon!!!! SO good!!

The cutest little boy that loves to take selfies.

Bauan, Batangas. THIs is one of the Provinces in the Philippines.

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