Monday, November 24, 2014

November 23, 2014

Magandang Hapon Po!

To start out, President pulled the other two sisters out of our area and shut their area down. Now there are just the two of us here. It will be crazy/fun/a little stressful to see what will happen. It was a little weird at first to just have the two of us in the house because I have always lived with at least 2 other people. But things are good now. We have a lot of work to do though in building up the ward and finding new investigators. Bauan has not had a very good tracking record, as in it is known as a very hard area. But we have received some awesome council from the Stake presidency from our stake conference and we feel ready and excited to work. This will be my companions last area and then she will be going home at the end of December.

WE had an awesome workshop in our last district meeting about following up on the commitments that we extend to our investigators and members, but they also talked about how we has missionaries need to follow up on our commitment we have made to our heavenly father. We always need to be checking our progress and making the necessary changes to become better, to become more like Christ. I have been thinking about this a lot, especially with Christmas coming up. I want to be more like him in all that I do. Every day we have been challenged to read the 4 gospels and I have some to know and see more attributes of Christ. He was perfect and I know I cant be perfect like him but I can do all I can to implement him and walk where he walked.

We had many little miracle with our one investigator names Jojo. He is the best! Finally after struggling to get the member's to work with us we had a member come with us to teach him and it was one of the best lessons. There really is a better, even greater spirit that comes into a lesson when a member testifies to an investigator. We had a really awesome lesson about our agency to choose to follow the Savior no matter what the circumstances. We shared 1 ne 16 when Nephi broke his bow. All of them suffered but Nephi chose to be obedient and follow the Savior. We all can do that too. We then went to his house to do service for him. We washed his clothes and had such a fun time serving him. He always talks about America and how things are so much better there. OH only if he knew that it is hard there too. AND, after 7 weeks he finally came to church again. What a miracle. We are praying and having the faith that he will be ready for baptism by December 27. We really love Jojo.

We OYMed this pastor one night and we felt as if we were fighting the devil. We were sharing and testifying and then over and over again he told us how wrong we were and that we should be mad at him that we are wrong. Oh we had lots of emotions but tried to keep our cool. but over and over he kept telling us how wrong we were. We will meet that man again on the other side and then see what he says haha. It is just sad when people turn down the truth.

I have been reading and studying a lot the Talked by President Uchtdorf from April 2014 conference called "Grateful in any Circumstances". No matter what we really can be happy and grateful for all that happens to us. It may not be fun but as we have an attitude of gratitude we will more easily see the blessings in our life. We can be grateful in ANY circumstance. This is the first step to becoming like Christ.

Well no more time. I love you so SOOOO much and you are always in my prayers. Say hi to everyone for me and share my love to them. Mahal na Mahal Kita!

Sister Meg.

Last district meeting before some of the missionaries got transferred to new areas.

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