Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November 9, 2014

I turned one year in the mission!!!!! I cant not believe that I have been a missionary for one whole year now. It has gone by so fast and continues everyday to fly by. I was lucky to celebrate it with my batch mate sister Kinikini.. She was in my district in the MTC. Good times.

 This week was hard for me and very trying. WE only have  handful of investigators and they punted us all week along with everyone else and their dogs here in Bauan. I guess all of my areas have just been very progressing and the harder I worked the more miracles that I saw. But I have noticed that in this area even with lots of hard faithful work, there is still not a whole lot of progression. sometimes is it hard to stay happy after you have been punted all day and by your backups and no one wants to listen to the gospel. But I have realized that this is a trial of my faith. I know that this is heavenly father saying I need you to increase your faith in my son. This last week our President Mangum invited us to read the 4 gospels(Matt, Mark, Luke, John) before Christmas. I have started to do that and I can see my faith already building. That even if we do get punted or people don't want to listen, I can keep going because he endured the most pain for each and everyone of us. I know that in order for me to get to that next level of faith, a trial of equal value will come to help me grow to my potential. I can already feel myself being more mindful of my Savior everyday and a greater love and desire to share his teachings with the people. here. Keep on, don't ever give up. there are good things to come.

 I went to my first MLC which is a missionary leadership council with all the missionary leaders in the mission. It was fun. There was something that I learned from Sister Mangum that I wanted to share with you. She talked about the glow that some people have or the light that they carry into a room. She shared a quote from Pres. Monson that says if we want to help other shine we have to glow ourselves. We have a positive affect on others as members of the church and people can see it. I would encourage you to fear no man and share your light of Christ with all those around you.

  That was pretty much my week. Even though it was rough I learned so much and am striving and continuing every day to reach my potential and leave no regrets.
 thank you for your love and support. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Mahal kita.


One year in the mission!!!

Probably the most developed balot that I have ever seen. Can you see the eye and the beak?

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