Monday, February 2, 2015

February 1, 2015

First, i am so so grateful to call you mom...i have missed you so much this was rough...but at the same time i learned so much. 
 first thing, we went for my follow up checkup and i am to be on medication for 1 more month. I still am throwing up sometimes and my stomach hurts too. i just have to be careful with what i eat is all. I am not looking forward to this month and being on the medication because it makes me really really tired to the point that I have no energy. We worked only a little this last week because of that. It just makes me sad that for one of the last months of my mission I will be not doing a lot because I physically can not do a makes me really the point that sometimes i want to just come home. But i know I am supposed to be here and I know that it is a trial that will make me stronger and i can because who heavenly father needs me to become. Every missionary has to spend at least a couple moments in Gethsemane. but dont worry about me mom, you wont be seeing me until may :) i will finish strong, there is no other right way to end a mission. 
 We went on exchanges this last week with the sister's we live with. I went with sister Ghouri, she is from Pakistan and is just the cutest little thing ever. She has such great faith and really wants to work hard. Even if she is still struggling with english and tagalog, her faith is shining so much brighter that they things she lacks in. We actually got lost for about 2 hours which was fun. We are both new to the area so we had no idea where we were. It was fun. We just talked to a lot of people and tried to do our best with the little we could. it was just fun to hang out with her for the day. I have come to love and admire this sister a whole lot. 
 For some reason I have been abscessed with studying about the atonement and I have learned that that is the best thing that heavenly father has given his children, the opportunity to repent and become better. i was reading in the bible dictionary one day and it said that Our salvation depends on our repentance, it is not an option, we must repent for our salvation. We really can not bend gods rules, we have to do as he has planned. it may be hard but the other way, not gods way, is actually the harder way. I just love repentance and it feels to good to repent. I have made it a goal to repent everyday. Of course i still mess up, but i feel that there is more improvement that grief that i feel. 
 we have one really progressing investigator despite my lack of health. She is so good, Louie belle. We have extended to her to be baptized, because we really feel that she is ready and she knows that the book of mormon is true. She told us she wants to but wants it with her family, her mom and dad and other siblings. she will be that example for her family. this gospel really is for families and it makes me so happy to see the desire she has for not just her but her whole family to understand and enjoy the blessings that come from the gospel. She was a little hesitant with baptism but her faith is growing and so will her desire. 
 Well mom, i really love you. Thank you for your prayers and support. I really feel it, especially right now. Dont worry i got all 3 packages, thank you for the ipod :) you are the best/ 


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