Monday, January 26, 2015

January 25, 2015

My dearest momma,
First, I am sorry if the call from my mission presidents wife scared you. I have actually been throwing up since august but the stomach pain just started Jan 4th. I am on some medication for a week and then i have a follow up checkup with the doctor this week. Scary, i hate the hospitals. It was a really nice one though, it was like i was in a hospital in America so hopefully that calms your fears a little bit too. The nurses and doctors were really nice. They couldnt believe that i could speak tagalog. So they played a game on all the new nurses and doctors that came on duty. They told them that i was a foreigner and could only speak english. they then told me that when the new nurse came in i couldnt speak tagalog right away, that i needed to wait til they started to ask me questions. Oh my gosh, their reactions were so funny when tagalog came out of my mouth haha. It was fun. And we had otehr missionaries come visit us in the hospital too. They were all little tender mercies to make being in the hospital bearable.

Not going to lie this was a very trying week. I hate hospitals, and especially when i am in them. I also really really hate needles which caused a lot of stress. There was a point that i just felt helpless. I just wanted to go home and just deal with throwing up for the rest of forever. Then came the day for the endoscopy. Words can not describe the fear as i sat on the gurney waiting for my turn in the endoscopy room. I closed my eyes and just bursted into tears...fear totally overcame me. Then i had a small thought to just prayer. I gave the most sincere silent prayer that I have given in my life. I just prayed for comfort and that my fear would go away and that i could feel of his love. After my prayer i was expecting to be overcome all of a sudden, but after a couple of minutes still nothing. Then a thought came to my head to sing my favorite primary song, "Whenever i heard the song of a bird...". As soon as i started singing, then the spirit just filled the room i could not deny the presence that I felt of the spirit and i could neither deny the love and comfort that I felt, it brought me to tears. Even when i think about it I start to tear up. I learned that even in our darkest moments we still have to act to show Heavenly Father that we know he lives and that we are still willing to do all we can to follow the Savior. That is one moment I will never EVER be able to forget. I know that God lives and hears every single prayer that is lifted towards heaven, even the most panicked of prayers.

since we were in the Hospital and i was told to rest, we were unable to visit our investigators which was really sad. All we could do was pray that they were still reading and praying and that they would come to church as well on Sunday. Well, Heavenly father heard those prayers too because our really progressing investigators did come to church and have been reading the Bof M even thought we havent been able to come. Such a great answer to our prayers and to know taht it is not us doing the work but that the lord really does his work. Miracles.

Mom, i love you so much and I really cant wait to hug you when I get home. Thanks for everything and i am grateful that my package came later because i needed some of you when I came from the hospital. LOVE YOU


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