Monday, January 19, 2015

January 18, 2015

This was a very abnormal week. 

First, we went to MINDORO!!!! I love going there. I love riding the boat ad just being there on the smaller islander. Even though every time we go people think that I don't speak Tagalog and that I am on vacation. Haha it is pretty funny. But the Island is so beautiful. I wish i will get assigned on a smaller island before I go home. We will see I guess. We were there from Tuesday to Friday. We helped out with their Zone training meeting and went on exchanges with the sisters there. It was fun to be with our sisters and help them in anyway that we could. Oh and on exchanges one man we taught said the closing prayer and thanked Heavenly Father that he sent two prophets to his house( meaning us). HAHA, well not quite, but at least he recognized the authority that we had, and that we had been sent from God. 

We have an investigator, Louie, and she is really progressing. We watched the Restoration DVD with her last Tuesday and she was amazed. She was so blown away and just felt the spirit so much that she couldn't put her feelings into words. She is so excited to learn more and excited for her baptism. Her closing prayer was the best when she said that she believes these things are true but that she prayers for the Holy Ghost to help her know that these things are true. SO GREAT! She will be baptized and we are so excited for her. 

The Pope came to the Philippines this past week and because of that, some shops were closed down and even cell phone coverage was down because of him. Wow they really showed his respect, do you think they would do the same thing of the LIVING Prophet came here or one of his apostles? Probably not, So that means we have a lot to do in teaching this beautiful land about the nature of God and that we really do have a  real, living prophet of God. 

I have been really sick lately and we don't know what is wrong with me. Sorry, don't mean to scare you. I have been having weird stomach pains and have been throwing up everything I eat. We are going to the hospital today to see what is wrong with me. Just pray that it is nothing too big. AND please don't worry. I am in the hands of the Lord and everything will be ok. 

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