Tuesday, January 13, 2015

December 28, 2014

We ate a lot of SPAGHETTI for the holidays. That is the big fancy, popular meal that everyone makes here when it is a holiday or special occasion. 
We had a fun Christmas Zone Conference with our mission president and his wife. We love them so much and it was so fun. We had lots of fun and games. President Mangum talked to us about being patient with ourselves are we become through the Atonement. That sometimes we have faith in his atonement to endure through the trials that come but sometimes things turn out differently than what we wanted them to. We have to remember that things happen according to the will of the Lord. We can even be doing the right thing are things turn out not in our favor. That is when we pray more earnestly just as our Savior did in the Garden of Gethsemane. It was a good reminder that as I am going through my Gethsemane moments to be patient with myself, with the Lord, and continue more earnestly. 
 I challenged one of the members the other night to place a Book of Mormon as they were waiting for some other members to go give service. They were very scared and thought we were joking at first. We left to go follow up on an investigator and then met back up with the ward to give service. They said that it was very face but they were able to give the Book of Mormon to a family and the look on her face as I told the story was priceless. There is so much joy as we share the gospel not just for missionaries, but for all members of the Church. She was so full of joy and I know that same joy can come to you as you show Heavenly Father you love him by sharing the gospel with others. 
 I AM TRANSFERRED!! I got transferred to Batangas and we are re-opening. I also will be getting a new companion tomorrow. Her name is Sister Price and she is a Filipino. I am excited to meet her. 
Well, sorry not a whole lot and not a whole lot of time. but I hope you enjoyed the pictures and your new years celebrations to come, oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKE!!!!!!
I love you all. 


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  1. A holiday meal of spaghetti! I approve, sounds delish. Good luck with your transfer.