Monday, January 12, 2015

January 11, 2015

There is a lot so hopefully my hands can type fast enough in the time I have remaining. We had a great MLC this last week with the missionary leaders in the mission. One of the things our mission president talked about was the desires of our hearts. He said a desire helps us to act towards those things we really want to accomplish in our lives. Most of the new years resolutions are just wishes because more often than not, there is no action that leads towards that ultimate goal, whatever it may be. he said that you can tell what someones desires are from the way they act. That totally made me look at myself differently and how i need to start to change my desires. Our desires control everything we do. When we are driven to follow the lord and be come through him we can accomplish all the desires of our hearts. Alma 22:15-18, Enos 1:12. You should study those. they helped me a whole lot. Also read "Rise to your Call" By elder Eyring. It is so good and will inspire you mom. 

I also learned the real meanings of the word Straight vs Strait. Straight is used when talking about directions, something that continues in one way for ever and ever and has no change. In 2 nephi 31 we read about a strait and narrow way. The word strait means a path that is not easy but a path that is sure. That is exactly the gospel. We are not promised that life will be easy, nor are we promised that we will be happy 100% 24/7. But we are promised that it is a safe passage. Even though it may take forever to travel down and maybe scared along the way, we are promised Safety. That is the Gospel, that is the promise the heavenly father has given each of us, that as we travel through thick and thin, we will be safe. 

real quick. also something to study is Jonah 2 and think of how you will face adversity when it comes. 

Ok, one last story. We have found such a prepared investigator who is so ready to come to christ. She is a referral from a member in the ward. Her name is Louie Belle. Wow, my testimony grew even more about prepared member referrals after meeting this young woman. she is 20 years old and came to church at first with the family she is working for. The first time we taught her she told us that she cried at church because she just felt to good. At the end of the first lesson we extended baptism to her but she was a little hesitant. So we just committed her to read the pamphlets we left and then to ask god through to help her understand. WE came back a week later and she was so excited to tell us what happened. She said the fist couple of times that she read them she didn't understand and was really confused. But then one time she decided to pray first for understanding before she read and she was so amazed that she was able to understand it and she felt so good in her heart, she even got goosebumps. The spirit is the real teacher. Sister Price and I had nothing really to do with that but the spirit was able to tell her the truth. Now she is committed to prepare for baptism and loves coming to church. It has been a real miracle to see as we reopen here in Batangas. 

our SUPER YOUNG BISHOP and his family. His son turned one years old.

 Before MLC we got up way early to ride around San Pablo Lake in San Pablo City. 

Riding home from an area Philippines Broadcast with sister Ghouri!! 

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