Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 14, 2014

We were back to work this week. Sister Napitupulu has been 100% again and we worked so hard this week. We found 6 new investigators and almost all of them have really promising potential. She seriously has no fear and that is something that i need to learn from her. I am getting better at talking to people but sometimes I still have a little bit of fear. But that just where I need to have more faith. Faith can over come anything and everything.
Our new investigator Jessa is so great. She is the neighbor of one of our recent converts. She is 22 years old and has such great potential. The other sisters had a baptism this last week so we brought her and our other investigator Jenny. Jessa told my companion that when she gets baptized that she will feel the same amazing feeling that those who were baptized felt. She came to church as well and told us that she felt the happiest at church than she has before. Her baptism is for October and I really hope that I am still here in the area. She has been reading and praying everyday too. She just is so ready and that bore testimony to me that people like this are out there, ready to hear the gospel. They could be a neighbor, a family member, or a close friend. No matter the case, they are out there and within our reach, so we need to talk and invite.
Sister Dada was an investigator who is really interested but hadn't received an answer that this was what she wanted or if it was true. So every time we extended baptism to her she would just say i'm not sure or i'm not ready. Then we went back this last week and said sisters, i'm really ready now. YES!!! Miracle!!!!!! She really wants her husband to join with her so we are working on him.
Sister Napit got sick again this week. I felt so bad for her. I seriously am being prepared for motherhood. Lots of patience and love. haha.
Personally, i am doing good. Not sad anymore which has been so good. We have been working so hard so I have had no time to think about myself. I am doing my best to stay focused.
Haha funny story. There is this one lady I always buy peanut butter in the market on Mondays and last week she asked if I had a husband yet and I said no. She said " Oh I have a very handsome son for you. I just want a grandchild to look like you because you are so beautiful" hahahahhahahaha oh what a life. All the old ladies try to get me to marry their sons.

Until next week. Sending my love from the Philippines!!


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