Monday, September 22, 2014

September 3, 2014

A lot happened but at the same time not a whole lot
WE had our baptism!!!! That was such a special thing. They were all so excited!! we went with our stake president to pick them up and they had been waiting for us outside all ready to go, it was so cute. They all looked so beautiful in White! All the kids had the biggest smiles on their faces in the font and even the dad. He actually has a seizure earlier that morning but he said he still wanted to be baptized. This man has really great faith. The service was short but so full of the spirit. The spirit was the strongest I have ever felt at a baptism. It just felt right and so peaceful and that heavenly father had so much love for this little family. We went back to teach them after their baptism and he had had like 5 seizures that day, one every 2 or 3 hours. When we got there he just grabbed my hand and told me that he wasn't afraid anymore because he had been baptized in God's true church. I just started to bawl. I love this family so much and he really feels that death is coming soon. Hopefully I can hold it together.
My new companion is Sister Napitupulu. She is from Indonesia but everyone thinks she is from the Philippines. She is 34 years old and just so nice and a really good missionary. We haven't been able to work for the pst 6 days though because she got really sick, she has an Amoeba. We spent all day Monday at the hospital and then the rest of the time at home. Our house is so ugly after 5 days stuck inside. We think she is on the down hill of it now and should be better soon.
A shout out to Tyler and Tasi. Thanks for the Package!!!! I loved it!
Last Monday was a the birthday of our "mom" in the mission. He family was the ones that got baptized. We bought her a cake and ice cream and had a pretty great time.
We had mission tour yesterday where a member of the area presidency came and spoke to us, Elder Bowen. He talked a lot about When we know who we are, we will act differently. He related that to the Abrahamic covenant and that those promises are for us, to become all that our heavenly father is and receive all that he has. SO we shouldn't sell our exaltation for a mess of pottage. All we have to do is follow God and we can have it all. So as we continue the little things we are making a way even closer to exaltation. He then ended up talking about marriage( seriously this always happens, even as missionaries) and how we cant receive all with out that sealing ordinance, so we need to be wise in that decision and he made us promise that when we went home, we would do this.


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