Monday, September 22, 2014

September 21, 2014

A lot of little things happened this week so I will just start in.

Joseph is really sick, he is the dad of the family we helped to be baptized last month. He has gotten really bad to the point that he can not move his whole left side of his body. And he doesn't really remember people anymore. We went there one night and as we were leaving we shook his hand. And as he shook my hand, he held on a little bit longer and looked me in the eyes. I like wanted to cry. That really was a tender mercy to let me know that he still remembers me. We had a special sacrament for his yesterday and it was so beautiful. WE had a lot of members come for support. Not only were there so many people, but there was so much love in that room and the spirit was so strong. It was simple and beautiful. Oh this church is so true. Their Son Maurice has been passing the sacrament and he is so good at it. He is 12 and every time just has the biggest smile on his face. Man, I love this family. I will come back to the Philippines just for them if I could. There are really my family here.

TYPHOON MARIO! There was another typhoon that hit but it wasn't as bad. It just rained buckets and the wind was non stop so we didn't work that whole day. We didn't feel safe so we just stayer in the house. Oh the joys of our life in the mission :)

Dada, she is one of our golden investigators and is scheduled to be baptized on Oct 18! we are so excited and she seriously is so great. One of our lessons with her this last week was about following the 10 commandments. We invited two of her neighbors who are less actives to that lesson and it was cool to see Dada's testimony of the truth spark the fire again in the eyes of these two less active sisters. The next time we saw these two less actives they were super happy to see us and they even came to church yesterday. It was so happy. One of our other lessons for Dada was about reading every day the Book of Mormon and praying everyday. At the end she told us thank you, that was what she needed to hear that day. She said that her spiritual aspect was lacking and when we came that day, she knew that those things would help her to feel better spiritually. That was all the spirit. We just felt that she needed to hear that and it was perfect.

Sunday was full of miracles. As we were walking to church, we saw so many butterflies. Every time you see a butterfly that means that there is a miracle coming. Well we saw so many of them that morning. When we got to church we saw our miracles. 200+ came to church which like never happens. we probably get around 150 every week. But the best. We have been seeing this family that is less active in the ward but they don't really come, especially the dad. THEY ALL CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!! Even the dad. It was so heart warming to see all of them sitting together in Sacrament meeting. Perfection.

I fell in love with Alma Chapter 24 this week. read it. Those men had such great faith in Christ and they were so converted that they would rather die than to take arms against their enemies. Yes they died, but from their courageous example, many more of the Lamanites were converted as well. Be that example to others, BE COURAGEOUS!

my comp is the best cook.

Happy birthday! Love this little girl

This is actually their house, very humbling


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