Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 29, 2014

First the happier things before what really happened this week.

We had a FHE with our investigator, Dada, at her house. She invited her friends and neighbors and even her kids invited their friends. There were 20+ people there and it was one of the most fun FHE I have ever had. WE talked about Agency and the spirit was so strong. It was just a really really happy time, that is the best way that I can explain it to you.

Our investigator Ronnie finally came to church after 5 months of being taught. PROGRESS!!!!! He really liked it. His whole family are members and so we are working on him. Hopefully he continues. He really liked the talks and that different people talk each week. He told us that when he reads that he is starting to understand more. That is because he is acting on his faith and God promises that when we do that, he will always bring things to our understanding.

We had family week or actually family day. Once a year all the stakes in the Philippines have one day just for families. They had a fun run and we ran with the primary kids. They were so fast. Then after wards they had each ward do a different cultural dance. I videoed them so ill show you those after the mish.

Shout out to my sister: Brooke. Start making a list of movies that I need to get caught up on and we will watch them when I get home.


SHONNEE!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You better email me and tell me. I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!!!!

SO now really how my week was. Brother Joseph, one of our recent converts, this man is like my dad, and his family is my family, passed away this last wednesday. I received the text from his wife right before we started a lesson and I just started to bawl. I knew it was close but I didnt know he would die so soon. We left our appointment and wen to their house. That was the longest tricycle ride of my life. IN reality it was 5 minutes but it felt like 5 hours. I got their and they were all in tears and I was too. The day before we were just their. He couldnt speak anymore but he lifted the book of mormon with his hand like he wanted to read it. We did and he kept reaching for my hand. I had no idea that would be the last time I would hold that mans hand. We had a ward service that was so nice and I just knew that it was not the end. It is hard to not have him here but I know that he is not in pain anymore and that he is so happy. He is in paradise and is waiting for next year for when his family can be sealed in the temple. I so have to come back for that. Death is a hard thing but it is also a miracle. He has been my miracle in the mission. Everything just fell in to place and I know that God had his hand in Josephs conversion. This is not the end to life, but rather a beginning to a beautiful eternity with our father in heaven. The Plan of Salvation is beautiful. Si it was so hard but at the same time it is a miracle to be able to let him go and know that we will see him again. I know he is so happy.

This week was hard but one that I really grew from. I love the mission. This church is so true. !


Family home Evening with our investigator and her family and neighbors. It was so fun and the food was sooooo good.

Fun run for family day in our stake. We ran with the Primary kids.

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